Flying Activity Gift Vouchers since 1992

Incorporated in 1992 by Captain David Chowen, a British Airways Boeing 737 pilot, Megathrills Ltd has been providing flying related Gift Vouchers for special occasions since 1992 and also online since 1998.
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Introducing Microlight Flying

Your Mega activities now also include 2-seat Micolight flying machines throughout the UK.
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Helicopter Flights

Show your partner that you believe he/she is made of the real stuff. Buy this 'Fly a Helicopter' voucher.

Treat someone special to a hands-on flight in a War Plane or Aerobatic Sports Plane. Or why not take control of an Old-Timer.

The Ultimate Rush! How many people do you know who Jumped from an aircraft? Jump certificates issued on the day.

Helicopter flying lessons

Flying Lessons

Experience the Thrill of effortless gliding. If you find suitable thermals, you can remain airborne for hours.

Champagne Flights - Enjoy a thrilling experience being part of a balloon team and marvel at the views and serenity.

Like riding your motorcycle through the skies - This is the ultimate Thrill for bikers. Shift the wing to lean into the turn.

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Use Megadollars to choose from an exciting range of activities. These can be bought online, or over the phone.
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